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 - Pick up the magnet on the vent, the batteries in the box, and the flashlight in the storage cabinet.


 - Combine the batteries with the flashlight.


 - Click on the drain in the floor and use the flashlight anywhere to illuminate it.


 - Use the magnet to pick up the key in the drain.


 - Use the key to exit the room. If you didn't already pick up the grocery list, you will auto pick it up.





-  Move to the scene with the lasers and open the coat pocket to find a blank note.


 - Turn the lights off and the turn the black light on to reveal the name "jabuzy".


 - Turn on the computer and login using "jabuzy" as the password.


 - Click the desktop icon to read a riddle. Click the dragon on the nightstand to get a key.


 - Use the key with the game-nook and get the far left game from it.


 - Use the game on the console and play the video game.


 - In the video game, shoot the laser lock to disable it.





 - Go to the newly opened pool table scene and drink the beers on the wall table until you get a phone.


 - Open the grocery list and mentally fill in the blanks: K-1, A-2, N-3, E-4. These tell you the order of a phone number.


 - In the closet you should see "K-One" and "21" beneath it. This means 21 is first for the phone #.


 - Open the rack cabinet and you will see" A2" on the chalk box and "0" on the chalk. 0 is next for the phone number.


 - Now, view the pool table. Click the trademark on the right side and notice "N3". After that, view the pocket with the pool balls. Observe "87", the next two digits for the phone number.


 - Track-back and read the diploma. If you click the page peel in the top left corner, "e4" will show up. The number "34" is underlined as the graduation year. These are the final two digits for the phone #.


 - If understood correctly, the phone # that needs to be called is "210-8734". Call it to receive a text message riddle.


 - The answer to the riddle is "turtle". Use that as the window lock combination and escape.





 - The phone number may be the hardest puzzle of the game so let's further explain it.


 - The grocery list is the key item needed. It tells the order of the phone number by displaying certain one letter-one number initials around the game.


 - Additionally, the grocery list specifically says "ps. Call Me" in the bottom right corner.


 - The four missing letters spell "kane" reading from top to bottom. This is displayed on the grocery list itself in case a player doesn't know what the four items are.


 - Next to each of the four items is a number. They are in numerical order starting at the top.


 - Take the missing letter and the corresponding number and combine them. "k1", "a2", "n3", and "e4" are the initials that are seen in the game.


 - Somewhere near each initial in the game is a number (1-2 digits). These numbers are the actual phone number digits.


 - The number "21" is near the initial "k1" so it needs to be entered first in the phone.


 - The number "0" is near the initial "a2" so it needs to be entered second in the phone.


 - The number "87" is near the initial "n3" so it needs to be entered third in the phone.


 - The number "34" is near the initial "e4" so it needs to be entered fourth in the phone.


 - Following the order of the grocery list, the phone number is: "210-8734".





 - "There are candidates running for the presidency, the house, and the senate. Me? I've never run in my life": this refers to turtles being really slow.


 - "I stay in my house and never leave it": this refers to a turtle's shell.


 - "While I may be slow, I beat another animal in a famous race that has been told to countless children": this refers to the children's story 'The Tortoise and the Hare' and confirms that the answer has to be an animal.


 - "I have no teeth, but I do possess a very sharp bite": this refers to the strength of a turtle biting.


 - "I only have one friend, but he's lost": this is specific to the game itself, but not turtles in general. Notice that there is a turtle in the aquarium and only one other fish (the turtle's friend). The fish is a clown fish representing Nemo. If you know the movie 'Finding Nemo', then you should understand why he's lost.