Behind the Name


Ever wondered where the name Zigurous comes from? 🤔

Back in high school, Zach and I’s favorite game was Halo 3. We played it pretty much every spare minute we had, and we were also fairly active in the MLG competitive scene. One of our favorite professional players was Snip3down. It was common for a lot of players to put their team initials as a prefix in their gamertag, but Snip3down used the initials of his real name, Eric Wrona, instead. Thus, for a while, his full gamertag was “EW Snip3down”.

Zach really liked this idea, so he changed his gamertag to “ZR Jabuzy” (his full name being Zach Rowe). At the same time, he and I wanted to form our own competitive team, and I figured we could also use those initials as our team initials. We just needed to come up with a name that fit…

We were in a custom game on the map The Pit, just Zach and I. We were goofing around and practicing various “trick jumps” while chatting about forming our team. We started to think of team names that could work with the “ZR” initials. The “Z” was obviously the hard part because there aren’t many cool “Z” words. Seriously though, can you think of any? We focused on the “R” word first. Very quickly, the word “Reload” came up, and we thought that would be perfect if we could just find a cool “Z” word.

“How about, Zebra Reload”? “Uhh yea, nope”! I started to think of other “R” words that might work better. One that came up was “Rigorous”. I really liked the way it sounded, but it still didn’t get us any closer to a team name. We started making words up, and at one point I replaced the “R” in “Rigorous” with a "Z”; thus, “Zigorous” was said for the first time. Our full team name became “Zigurous Reload”. The thing is, I mistakenly misspelled the word using a “u” instead of an “o” because that’s what the pronunciation sounded like. By the time I realized this mistake, it was already too late — the brand had been established.

So that’s the story of how our name came to be — basically two geeks who couldn’t spell while goofing around in Halo and making up words 😆

I’d love to hear how you came up with your gamertag!

Peace and love,
Adam 💙

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